Vijay Antony Saithan / Bethaludu Movie Official Trailer


Vijay Antony Saithan / Bethaludu Movie Official Trailer Released: Saithan / Bethaludu is an upcoming Tamil horror-thriller film written and directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy and being produced by Vijay Antony’s wife Fathima Vijay Antony under their own banner Vijay Antony Film Corporation. Today this evening Saithan / Bethaludu movie crew released the official trailer for the movie. The audience eagerly waiting to watch Saithan / Bethaludu movie official Trailer. so I am here with Vijay Antony Saithan / Bethaludu Movie Official Trailer. Below you can see the link to watch Saithan film Official Trailer / Teaser.

Vijay Antony Saithan / Bethaludu Movie Official Trailer 

South Indian trending star Vijay Antony acquired a good name in Industry with few films only. The secret behind his success is he came with unique and innovative projects to entertain and impress the audience. As a result, Vijay Antony became quite popular with few films only. To Achieve name you don’t need to do magics all time, you just need to have bit creativity. Mostly importantly unique subject. This is what brings success to the film. Vijay Antony always followed this principle and made himself a well-known star in South Indian film industry in very less time.

Vijay Antony Saithan / Bethaludu Movie Official Trailer Review:

Now again Vijay Antony back with a bang. Now it’s time for Saithan, a Horror Thriller film. It’s a well-known fact that Tamil film industry highly popular for Horror thrillers, even audience like to watch those genre films. So to entertain those genre fans, Vijay Antony came with the movie Saithan under Pradeep Krishnamoorthy direction and his own production. Very soon we can see this film on the silver screen.

In order to maintain film curiosity in the audience, Vijay Antony released Saithan movie Official trailer through his YouTube handle. Few mins ago Vijay Antony released the trailer of the film. Saithan trailer getting a good response in Social Media. Viewer and Audience started liking the trailer, it’s a good response for the makers, Since this film coming out with great expectations. Hope this film achieves their Expectations.

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