Shivaay Fourth / Fifth, 4th / 5th Day Collection, Four / Five, 4 / 5 Days Box Office Collections


Shivaay Fourth / Fifth, 4th / 5th Day Day Collection, Four / Five, 4 / 5 Days Box Office Collections: Shivaay is a recent Bollywood Action Drama film story by Ajay Devgan and the dialogues curated by  Sandeep Srivastava and Robin Bhatt. Even Ajay Devgan directed and produced this film under his own production banner Ajay Devgan films. The film Shivaay Starring Ajay Devgan and Sayesha Saigal in lead roles. Young music composer Mithoon composed wonderful music for this film. The film Shivaay had released on 28th October 2016, and it’s been four days since Shivaay film out a theater in theatres let’s have a look at Shivaay 4 days total box office collections.

Shivaay Fourth / Fifth, 4th / 5th Day Collection, Four / Five, 4 / 5 Days Box Office Collections

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Shivaay 4th Day, 4 Days Box Office Collections

The film Shivaay is an intellectual creation of Ajay Devgan. As of now Ajay Devgan familiar with All Bollywood audience as an actor, but with this film Ajay Devgan wants to show his skills and talents regarding films. For Shivaay film, Ajay Devgan wrote a story, directed and even produced. This shows his interest and passion towards making films. Even he did the lead role in the film Shivaay.

Four 4 Days Box Office Total Collection Review:

Apparently due to the impact of One Man Show that is Ajay Devgan’s involvement in every instance of this film may lead this film to get the moderate talk. However, the film Shivaay great craze in some areas and some areas film has very less occupancy in theatres. It is expected to make equal collections along with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil film by Karan Johar Starring Ranbir, Aishwarya, which is also released on the same day!

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Shivaay Domestic / Worldwide / Overseas and Four Days  total box office ( B O)  collections 4th Day, 4 Days Box Office Collections:

First Day: 10.24 Cr*

second Day:10.06 Cr*

Third Day:8.26 Cr*

 Fourth Day:17.35 Cr*

Fifth Day: 11.05 Cr*

shivaay Tatal Box Office Collections: 56.96 Cr*

Shivaay Sixth Day Collections

The film Shivaay is one man effort. Ajay Devgan dominates in most of the cases, and this may be a Boon or curse for this film we are not sure but filmmaking good collections by the end of the weekend. Should see, whether Shivaay movie makes consistent collections in the upcoming week as well or not!

Experts Tweets about Shivaay Total Box Office Collections:

  • taran adarsh
    #Shivaay Fri 10.24 cr, Sat 10.06 cr, Sun 8.26 cr. Total: ₹ 28.56 cr. India biz.
  • taran adarsh
    Biz jumps, grows, multiplies on Mon [holiday]… Both #ADHM and #Shivaay score… EXCELLENT trending all over… Tue should be STRONG too!
  • taran adarsh
    #Shivaay shows MASSIVE GROWTH on Mon… SUPERB jump… Fri 10.24 cr, Sat 10.06 cr, Sun 8.26 cr, Mon 17.35 cr. Total: ₹ 45.91 cr. India biz.

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Shivaay Fourth / Fifth, 4th / 5th Day Collection, Four / Five, 4 / 5 Days Box Office Collections

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  1. Comment: I along with my family watched Shivaay today. An extra ordinary movie. Excellent effort by Ajay. Mind blowing movie. Watching the movie will make you feel Happier Diwali.

  2. I had never seen such type of action and scen in Bollywood movie.This movie is great.Mind blowing Performance done by Ajay devgan sir.

  3. Shivaay is best indian movie of year Simply the best,,ADHM is nothing in front of Shivaay ,it is very very unfortunate that some film critics & disgusting actors are Criticising Shivaay & Appriciating ADHM they all are biggesst Liar ,by this they are proving that, their reviews are Paid .I have watched both movies and undoubtedly Shivaay is far better than ADHM ,ADHM is a boring & ridiculous movie.

    Shivaay is fully Orignal movie nothing is Copy everything is new & fresh. Cinematography,Action sequences are just awesome Songs,Background music is Fantastic , & Ajay Devgan acting is worth Watching.Those who are criticising Shivaay aur just Jealous of Ajay Devgan’s Success over Other top Superstars.

    but they should remember that all other Stars have less reputation than Ajay Devgan . and this movie Shivaay will be a blockbuster .