Samantha Red Handedly Caught Smoking With Naga Chaitanya


Samantha Caught Smoking With Naga Chaitanya photos, images, video : Samantha, the ruling queen of south Indian film industry is very much in news for her controversies. Recently she gave interview to famous media channels and when asked her about her love life, she immediately agreed that she is in love with a person. She further stated that her lover is very kind hearten and good at cooking too. She was totally flattered for his kind nature. Since then, tollywood audience and samantha fans are very much eager to know who is that lucky guy.

Samantha Red Handedly Caught Smoking With Naga Chaitanya

Samantha Red Handedly Caught Smoking With Naga Chaitanya, photos, image, video

Well, the suspence did not last much long. After a day post release of A..Aa movie there was a picture of samantha and naga chaitanya in a cinema hall was doing rounds all over the internet and many came to conclusion that samantha’s lover is naga chaitanya. Within few hours one more pic circulated over the internet where sam and naga chaitanya were walking in a shopping mall. This pic made those rumors strong that sam is in love with naga chaitanya.

Even news like Amala, Nagarjuna and naga chaitanya’s mother agreed for sam and chaitu’s marriage and rumors like samantha spend a day with naga chaitanya’s mother were spread. The latest sensation is shocking to everyone. A video of samantha and nagachaitanya were talking in a balcony was released. It was speculated that they were living in a posh jayabheri enclave apartment, gachibowli in hyderabad. In that video to the shock of life, we saw samantha smoking cigarette. Yes you heardit right, she was smoking. This shocked everyone as everyone is in myth that samantha is a top actress and does lost of social service. But this is some what contrasting to her behavior. But it is not right to judge a person just by their habits.  There is no surprise what more shocking news can be heard about samantha in future

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