Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes Sayings, Sms, Text Messages, Special greetings


happy friendship day quotes, happy friendship day 2016 wishes sayings, Friendship day sms, text messages, special greetings : Friendship Day Every year on the first Sunday of August, people all over the world celebrate Friendship Day. Friendship Day is held to celebrate the bond and the love that two people share between them.Friendship day has long been celebrated in a number of South American countries, but theproposal for International Friendship Day was made in 1958 at Paraguay, by Dr. Ramon ArtemioBracho. Check below Happy Friendshipday Quotes and Sms Text massages.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes Sayings, Sms, Text Messages, Special greetings

happy friendship day quotes, wishes sayings, sms, text messages, special greetings
happy friendship day

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History and Origin of Friendship Day:

The ritual of celebrating Friendship Day every year was first brought in by the greetings card industry. Joyce Hall, the founder of the greetings card company Hallmark Cards, wanted in 1930.that every year on the 2 nd of August, everyone should send a greetings card to their friend and wish them a Happy Friendship Day. What started as a small town celebration quickly spread among the crowd because of the onset of social media. In honor of 1998 s friendship day,Winnie the Pooh was named as the World Ambassador of Friendship. The trend quickly caught up with the crowd because it was way more easier to wish en mass than by sending cards to each one of them.

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What to do on Friendship Day 2016:

Friendship Day calls for celebration and party with your close ones and people you can call upon as friends. Here are some ideas you can try this friendship day-

  •  Organize a party for your loved ones- There can be no better way to celebrate friendship day, than by organizing a party. Make special greeting cards to invite your friends. Cook delicious food for them or ask them to help you in cooking the food. Plan some indoor games or activities for spending the time. Take a lot of photos with your friends and cherish the memory forever.
  • Go Camping- Plan to go camping with your friends. You can go for a trek or a jungle safari. Spending time outside your comfort zone will strengthen the bond you share with them.
  •  Go Watch a Movie- Decide upon a genre everyone likes and go watch a movie together. You can share your views about the movie among yourselves and in that way you will get to know each other better.
  •  Recall Old Memories- Gather all your friends, may it be college buddies or someone you had been to kindergarten with you, and recollect memories of the good old times. Share something funny or some experience that you faced. This will help to make the bond stronger.
  • Take a group picture- To keep memories of the gathering alive for generations to come, take a group photo and let everyone have a copy of it. This will help you in remembering about your meet-up in the future.
What to gift your friends:

Make your friends feel special this friendship day. Here are some ideas on what to gift them-

  • Send them a thoughtful message or a greetings card with a quote on friendship.
  •  Gift them something made by you, like a handmade greetings card or even a picture frame.
  • Spend quality time with them.
  •  And last but not the least tie a friendship band on their wrists. Quoting Robert Louis Stevenson, a friend is the greatest gift you can get. Gift someone happiness this Friendship Day by making them your friend.:)
 Happy friendship day quotes, sms quotes, special greetings:

“A true friend is a person like You – honest, trustworthy and always there.”

“Friendship is the most beautiful equation to be in with someone. It can make any relation glow with beauty and love, like mine and yours”

“My friend is my guide who knows when to support me by watching and when to hold my hand”

“Friendship is a feeling of like-mindedness, respect and liberation. You are free to be who you want to be and the other is there to support you, nurture you and appreciate you.”

“Friendship is what we seek in every relationship. But friends who are our greatest support, become more than blood relationships.”

“A Friend is someone who knows how to make you smile and laugh, just so easily”

“Friend stays with you till its meant to be. School, College, Work. But Friendship stays with us forever”

“Sometimes a friend teaches you something so well that even a teacher is unable to match. It could be love, it could be hard work or even good manners.”

“I know you taught me a lot. I even copied your handwriting. But what I couldn’t copy was your DNA. Friend you still are an inspiration.”

“Friendship Day is a beautiful excuse to do something small but significant enough to get noticed by a special friend and be noted as love and gratitude.”

“Facebook may result in new friendships. But it can certain nourish old friendships. To have you in my Facebook, makes me feel blessed, that you still are and forever will be my cherished friend.”

“A true friend is like a leaf from one’s life. He or she has helped us move on in life. Let us thank our friends on Friendship day for all their unconditional love and support.

Happy Friendship Day


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